• Hi there,    I'm  Cornel Nichita

          and I absolutely love what I do. Art and technology have always been two big inspirations in my life. Over time, both of these passions have merged and evolved into what I am today. I believe in working hard, discovering ways to expand and share my skills, and always moving forward.

          I am a friendly guy, a fast learner and an extremely detail-oriented individual -methodical, structured, and organized. I believe in sharing the things I learn and I really hope people who visit this site can take something away with them.

          In my front-end development work I specialize in web standards-based xHTML, CSS and JavaScript development. I employ the latest development principles and standards and I am particularly interested in usability, user-interface design and quality assurance. I also have some experience with server-side development using PHP/ MySQL and ASP.NET.

          Dreamweaver is my tool of choice to hand-code my pages with such features as code completion, code hints, and the built-in validator and link checker being very handy. I have also used Photoshop, Fireworks, Illustrator, Adobe Acrobat Professional and jQuery.js.

  • Cornel Nichita

    65 Wheeling Dr.

    Toronto, ON,    M1C 3X2


    Tel: (416) 694. 6119